Dom Gréa House (House of Formation and Novitiate)

(since October 21, 2016)

Dom Grea House


601 Glade Drive,

Santa Paula, CA 93061-1640



tel: (805) 933-5063


Daily (Monday thru Friday)

— 5:45 a.m. (Matins and Lauds — Office of Readings and
Morning Prayer)
— 6:30 a.m. (Mass)
(Friday: Mass in Latin according to the Ordinary Rite)

Saturdays and Sundays

— At this time all hours are private

Holy Days

— 5:45 a.m. (Matins and Lauds — Office of Readings and
Morning Prayer)
— 6:30 a.m. (Mass)
*(depending upon the Solemnity, Mass may not be in Latin if it falls on a Friday).

The community celebrates the following Masses in one of our parishes rather than in the House:

  • January 1 (Mary Mother of God)
  • Holy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Monday (Pasquetta)
  • Memorial Day (U.S.A. Holiday)
  • July 4 (U.S.A. Holiday)
  • Labor Day (U.S.A. Holiday)
  • Thanksgiving Day (U.S.A. Holiday)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • December 26

Saint Sebastian Parish

(Serving since July 1, 2000)


235 North Ninth Street
Santa Paula, CA 93060-2103

tel: (805) 525-2149 • fax: (805) 933-5520

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

(Serving since July 1, 2000)



427 North Oak Street
Santa Paula, CA 93060-0049

telephone: (805) 525-3716
fax: (805) 525-3788

Our International Locations:


    Casa Generalizia
    Generalate and Student House
    The General House is located near the center of Rome a short distance from Vatican City.
    With the Isituto Maria Immacolata in Montichiari (Northern Italy), we also serve 8 parish communities located in Northern Italy and Rome. We also have a residence in the Italian Alps which provides a comfortable summer retreat for all our parishes.
    Our community in France serves the Parish of Saint Sulpice and assists the neighboring communities in their spiritual needs.
    We have been serving in various parishes in England since 1937.

South America

  • PERU
    With a house of formation in Piura, and a residence in Lima, we also serve several parishes in Tamarindo and Zarumilla.
    Our community in Brazil has a house of formation in Brazabrantes, and serves in several parishes in Brazabrantes, Carurai, Goianira and Santo Antônio di Goiás.

Confederation of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine

With the decree of the Sacred Congregation of religious July 2, 1961, the Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception became a part of the Confederation of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine.

It was on May 4, 1959, Blessed Pope John XXIII founded the Confederation of  the Canons Regular of St. Augustine with his apostolic letter Caritas Unitas on the 900th anniversary of the First Lateran Synod. Like his predecessor, Pope Saint Gregory VII, he wished to promote the canonical life in the modern world. He chose similar means as the First Lateran Synod: exhortation, not legislation. The Confederation is a union of charity that binds nine congregations of canons regular together for mutual aid and support.

Other Congregations that have entered the Confederation of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine are: