We have been blessed in many ways and we are grateful to those who have prayed for us and have helped us to grow in our vocations and our lives in the service of our Lord. All who know and love the continued presence of a religious order that is devoted to prayer and work in the parish can help us maintain the Dom Grea House and reduce our debt.

Your gift will provide the best kind of legacy for the communities we serve: through giving, you will enable future generations to benefit from the cultural, sacramental, and pastoral presence of a permanent Religious House of Priests in Santa Paula and Ventura County, and you will join with us in giving glory to God.

We are most grateful for your willingness to consider our request. Be assured that our gratitude is expressed most deeply in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Divine Office, hours of prayer, silent praise, and in all the joys and sacrifices of our life in Christ as we ask God to bless your generosity in this vineyard of the Lord.

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