One of the greatest blessings in our community is the treasured gift of the life, holiness, example and wisdom of our priests and brothers who for 50, 60 even 70 years have given of themselves in a life of prayer, community and work. As our priests and brothers age, we strive to meet their various needs to the best of our ability.

We desire to care and provide for our elderly members in our own house that they may be among and cared for by their brethren. If they need specialized care then we will seek a location as close as possible to our house so that we may visit them and be with them frequently.

Our Retirement Fund was established in honor of Fr. John Taggart, C.R.I.C., the founder of our community in California, and helps us to plan for and support our our retired priests and brothers.

If you would like to be of assistance, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please see the options below:

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